PADI Instructor Course Testimonials for our IDC Gili Islands

PADI Instructor Course (PADI IDC) Testimonials


Scuba Dive Instructor Jann

Das Anmelden für den Instructor Kurze ging trotz meiner kurzfristigen Anmeldung problemlos von statten, was auch dank dem schnellen und guten Email verkehr möglich war.


PADI IDC Indonesia Gili Air


Bei der Ankunft wurde ich auch direkt sehr freundlich von Joeri und vielen anderen Mitarbeitern Begrüßt und mir wurde sehr zuvorkommend erklärt wie und was ich am nächsten Tag zu tun haben.

Als der IDC dann begann wurde mir sehr schnell klar, dass alles super organisiert und durchstrukturiert ist: von den Klassenzimmerlektionen über die Confined bis zu den Open Water Sessions. Die beiden Kursdirektoren Joeri und Giny waren super Lehrer, Mentoren und auch sonst super freundliche Leute. Auch waren/sind wir ein toller Trupp aus sehr verschiedenen Leuten (vom italienischen Polizisten Opa bis zum schweizer Studenten: Irresponsible).

Auch während des IEs wurden wir extrem gut betreut. Das reichte von Verpflegung während der Tests bis zum Bier als wir alle Grund zum Feiern hatten.

Ich werde das Ocean 5 sicher weiterempfehlen.

Dive Instructor Jann, PADI Instructor Class April 2017



Dive Instructor Tobi

As I did my Divemaster Course with Oceans 5 Gili Air I was just waiting for my PADI IDC colleagues on Gili Air and I did some fun dives with the guys before the course which was amazing.


PADI IDC Gili Air Indonesia


Everyone was pretty relaxed and I couldnt wait for the course to start. First 2 days were the EFR Instructor course and that was a lot fun to see how you can teach this course and already got me a lot of ideas to whom i will teach it when i'm back home.

Then the real fun began. You think you already know a lot when you finish your Divemaster Course but it's a whole new perspective you will learn ... How to teach and control people and not only underwater also on land as there was always a chief of the day who had to organize everything for the other canidates. In the beginning there is a lot of classroom but remember your open water course ... it's basically the same as it always goes from simple to complex :)

Then you do the first skill circuit and the first presentations till you do them in the ocean and everytime you feel more comfortable as Course Directors Giny and Joeri are guiding and supporting you as much as they can! Yes it can be a bit bumpy sometimes if you think the way you do is the correct one but then you mistake the conditions for example and didnt think out of the box which then after a demonstration of them makes it absolutely clear and you think 'true I fucked it up' but those are the moments which you will grow on and the best way to learn is out of a mistake cause in the end we are still just human ... happy bubbles :)

PADI Instructor Tobi, Instructor Class April 2017

Buiding my confidence with PADI IDC Indonesia by Jeremy

I've recently finished the PADI Instructopr course and IE at Oceans 5 Dive resort on Gili Air. It's been one the most rewarding two weeks of my life.

PADI IDC Indonesia

The team there were fabulous and I can't thank them enough along with my fellow candidates who all helped me throughout the course. It really was a wonderful experience and I've grown in confidence both as a diver and as a person.

Thank you so much guys from the bottom of my heart, and a special thank you to Giny who was our PADI course director, I couldn't have done it without her. She is an inspiration and a beautiful soul.

I found the course quite challenging at times but to be honest I can only blame myself for a lack of preparation work. I'd advise doing as much pre study as possible prior to the course just so you don't get overloaded and then you can enjoy the whole experience.

It was really good for me to push my boundaries and step outside my comfort zone and it paid off big time. Oceans 5 Dive resort has a super cool relaxed feel about it,like one big buzzing diving family. Great facilities and professionalism without any stuffiness. Everyone was really helpful and friendly which was handy because I was asking 100 questions a day.

Love you guys,

PADI Instructor Jeremy, Class of February 2017 PADI IDC Indonesia



How i became a PADI Dive Instructor with Oceans 5 Gili Air by Adriana



PADI IDC Gili Air with Adriana



I chose to do PADI IDC with Ocean 5 Gili Air because of location on Gili Air and I thought they have enough experience, since they do one every month and therefore a good succes rate on passing the Instructor Exam.

The PADI course director Giny Virginie Pinto also did a few days preparation course before the actual PADI IDC started and that was very helpful - both in feeling more comfortable with the theory and getting to know my coleagues and setting up a good bonding as a 'FABOULOUS TEAM'.

The IDC started on the 15th of feb and the first 3 days were a bit dry with only full on theory classes but again Virginie managed to make it quite enjoyable and relatively easy to absorb as new information or tapping on older ones and encouraging us to work as a team,help each and respect each other.

But my favourite classmate is still the beautiful Putyh, a smart white cat allowed to join the lectures in the classroom - not sure who's paying more attention really..and still working on my 'marketing' skills, trying to convince Putyh to get wet and go for a dive in the pool at least.

And then PADI Instructor Course continues on an up beat note, we learn good ways and important techniques and strategies, we learn how to be Instructors and teach others and Giny is guiding us through with patience and good pointers and reminders. We also learn to assume more responsabilities and of course we learn from each others. 3 days half dry - half wet,half classroom-half pool lessons, with lectures on how to teach DSDs & OWD and then skill presentations in the pool.

Finally getting in the ocean for the OWD presentations and skills felt more like the real least everyone is doing quite well on exams..some really well with perfect 100 % scores.. The last few days was more of the open water skills and presentations which again helped a lot in building up confidence and once more very good team work bond. The last day with a final workshop on OWD skill and all paperwork completed we are all ready to GO GO GO..and nail it..

And last but not least Giny is a really great course director, wonderful people skills too.

Dive Instructor Adriana, PADI IDC class February 2017


Elliot Leimer, a fresh PADI Scuba Dive Instructor on Gili Air


PADI IDC Gili Air at the Gili Islands in Indonesia


Arriving on Gili Air, I had no idea what to expect, or where to find Dive Resort Oceans 5 Gili Air, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the large shop banner right as I came off the boat. The staff was extremely helpful with regards to all aspects of life on the island, from where to find accommodation suited to my budget to the best Nasi Campur on the island.

After two weeks of fun diving amongst turtles and cuttlefish and a couple days of PADI Instructor course preparation, our group of 10 candidates jumped straight into the deep end with our Emergency First Responder Instructor course. Two days later, we were all certified to teach other to save lives.

Upon completion of the EFRI course, we began our PADI  Instructor Development Course with a series of presentations, role-playing exercises and, as always in diving, way too much laughter.

Despite a couple of long days in the classroom due to some ear problems, Team Faboulous has really come together, with so many different background and experiences that we’ve all been able to help and learn from one another.

Two weeks later, here we are, the I.E. (short for It’s Easy!). As the different sections of the examination rolled by, confidence rose as the nerves calmed down and we realized that we had been trained at a much higher level than just PADI standards.

Just like that, it was over. All 10 of us passed with flying colors and joined the ranks of Open Water Scuba Instructors. I cannot thank the entire Oceans 5 team, but especially Giny & Joeri, our course directors, for pushing me to strive and become the best instructor I could be.

Dive Instructor Elliot, Instructor Class February 2017



Viola Elenius, the latest Divemaster at Oceans 5 Dive Resort


PADI Divemaster Course at Gili Air

Two months in Gili Air, studying to become a divemaster,making new friends and enjoying the life on this gorgeous island. I first came to Gili Air nearly a year ago and did my open water course in Oceans 5 Gili Air. After having seen other dive shops all over the world, I still wanted to return to the same shop where it all started and I am very happy I returned here.

The first day back on Gili Air I ran into some of the people I met when I was here for the first time, and I instantly felt welcome. My instructor, Giny, from my OW still remembered me, and I was very happy to have her as my mentor again for my divemaster! She always had the patience to deal with me, and her kindness and happy spirit helped me through the difficult days.

During my divemaster training I have had the chance to work with many other instructors at Oceans 5 Gili Air, and I learned something from them all. Everyone brings their own personality into their teaching, and especially since I am coming back to Oceans 5 Gili Air to do my PADI Dive Instructor Development training course (PADI IDC), I am very happy to have seen so many different styles of teaching. That will definitely help me develop my own!

I am also very lucky to have had the chance to dive with the local divemasters, who taught me all that I know about the local dive sites and brought a smile on my face everyday. If it wasn’t for the “Tiga Malaikat” (=three angels) I wouldn’t even know what an orangutan crab looks like, let alone where to find one. The boys still teach me something new everyday, if not about the underwater world then how to speak Bahasa.

Now that I have finished my divemaster, and survived the snorkel test, I look forward to continuing onto my PADI IDC course in January. Hupla!

Scuba Instructor Viola Elenius, Instructor Class December 2015



Emma Lews, our amazing PADI Divemaster!


Diving Adventures with Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia

My adventures diving first started in 2014 when I came to Gili Air for a holiday,staying at Oceans 5 Dive Resort Gili Air to do my Open Water course. After overcoming a few nerves and getting used to the slightly strange sensation of breathing underwater through a regulator, I was hooked! Diving is unlike anything else I had ever tried before... Peaceful, relaxing and fun- floating weightless amongst hundreds of tropical fish and corals in clear warm water! I returned to the UK and knew I had to go back as soon as possible, I had found something I really loved.

Less than a year later and having done my Advanced Open Water in Egypt, I had quit my job and was on a flight back to Bali to complete my Rescue and Divemaster at Oceans 5! Any worries I had about this 'crazy' decision instantly disappeared when I arrived back onto the tranquil, paradise island that is Gili Air. I signed up for a fun dive within a few hours of being back and started my Rescue course a few days later. The Rescue course with Giny was so much fun. I learnt so much more than I had expected to, and whilst challenging, I felt much more confident diving after having completed the course. There was plenty of time to ask any questions, or practise a skill again and again if I wanted to.

Next was my Divemaster! The following 6 weeks were filled with learning dive theory, assisting the instructors on all types of experiences and courses from DSDs to Rescue course, and individual/small group workshops which were on topics like Guiding, Knots, and Pool Skill Circuits. The mentor system at Oceans 5 is also great as it means you have someone who keeps up to date with your progress throughout the course and helps you plan the days' activities. I enjoyed being able to complete the course at my own pace, fitting in lots of learning and diving whilst also relaxing and making the most of living on Gili Air!

Waking up to hot sunny weather day after day, and the chilled atmosphere of the island all added to the amazing experience. But it wouldn't be complete without the people I met, the most fantastic group from all over the world, a mixture of Oceans 5 instructors and fellow dive master candidates on the same course as me. Chatting about all our experiences after a day's diving was always fun, and making so many new friends who I will definitely dive with, and stay in touch with, for a long time, was a highlight of the trip for me. 

Now having completed my Divemaster, I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! I learnt so much about diving, had the most incredible time living on Gili Air for months, and met too many wonderful people to count. Oceans 5 is like a family too, there was always someone to chat to or dive with, whenever you go to the shop. 

I know already that I would like to do my instructor course (IDC), it's just a matter of when! But as for the 'where' will definitely be Oceans 5. Thank you again to Sander and the whole team for everything, I'll be back :)

PADI Divemaster Emma Lewis, December 2015


IDC Gilis testimonial Jona Dabocol


“The way the world learns to dive and teach at Oceans 5."

When you decide to make the Ocean your office, there is no better place to do your Instructor Development Course (IDC) than at Oceans 5 Dive Resort at Gili Air Lombok, Indonesia. Here is why…

At Oceans 5, the IDC runs for 12 days of extensive training and  an additional 2 days for the Instructor Examination (IE). The training is composed of theory sessions, classroom presentations & knowledge development, confined and open water skills training. The owner and Course Director, Sander Buis, led the IDC of our batch from June 5 to 18 2015 (including the IE). We were 4 in our batch: Nayoung from South Korea, Nina from Germany, Flo from Austria and me from Philippines. Basically, what helped me and my fellow IDC candidates was the clear setting of expectations of the whole program. It couldn’t be simpler than being able to know what to do, how to do things, and what else to do to improve oneself. In this aspect, Sander and the whole Oceans 5 team were more than an institution to us, they were also an inspiration.

Beyond the structured learning experience, we were taught to listen past the literal sound produced and created by the surroundings. We listened to our Course Director, our Staff Instructors, and most of all, we listened to ourselves – that we can be Dive Instructors. And great Instructors inspired by our experience at Oceans 5 Dive Center.

My name is Jona Dabocol. I am Filipino and this is my testimonial. Kudos Oceans 5! :)

Scuba Dive Instructor Jona, Instructor Class June 2015


Nayoung Kim IDC Oceans 5 candidate



I’m Nayoung Kim. I’m 22 years old and I come from South Korea.

I joined the Instructor Development Course (IDC) in June 2015. I passed the Instructor Exam (IE) and now I’m a PADI Dive Instructor!  I started my PADI Divemaster course at Oceans 5 Dive Resort. The first time I arriveed at Oceans 5 and started my life as a diver, I’ve never thought that I could make this big step to become a Dive Instructor because at the start it seems very hard to reach. During my DM course I observed the IDC’s that were running every month at the dive resort. From that observation I realized that with Sander Buis, the Course Director of Oceans 5, I might reach that goal. So I eventually decided to become an IDC candidate of Oceans 5!

The IDC at Oceans 5 was amazing. We started our IDC on 4th, June. We were 4 students and our Course Director Sander. Those 10 days were full of fun and joyful moments. Even classroom presentations were fun. He makes a lot of jokes and dances during the classroom presentation. We practiced our skills in the water and out of the water and learned how to manage students. The funniest part were the open water presentations. We did role plays as an Instructor, Divemaster and student, exactly how it would be at the IE as well. That made me to feel more confident during the real IE open water presentation. We repeated and rehearsed and practiced everything over and over until finally we felt fully prepared to become an Instructor.

Every part was amazing for me. But the best reason I recommend an IDC with Sander is not just for fun. Sander was every moment totally concentrated during our IDC. When we needed him for any reason, he was always there for us. To participate in an IDC was not an easy decision for me. But Sander dearly helped me to become a better person and a good Instructor at the same time. Thanks to the good facilities and the IDC staff team of Oceans 5, I am so satisfied with my decision!

PADI Instructor Nayoung Kim, PADI IDC June 2015, Gili Air Indonesia


My name’s Matthew Wachno, I’m 24 years old and I come from Alberta, Canada.

I started my IDC Course at Oceans 5 Dive Resort at Gili Air on May 1st 2015 and it was 2 weeks of my life I’ll never forget. My course was headed by Course Directors Assar Manuswin and Sander Buis. Assisting them was, (now) Course Director Joeri Van Hal and I benefitted incredibly from their individual teaching styles and became a better instructor overall due to their unique input and advice.

Group sizes generally range from 2-6, ours being a larger group of six candidates. Due to this fact, I made some lifelong friendships, developed bonds with people from all over the globe and I feel that together we created a more social atmosphere before, during and after our work days began.We had theory sessions and classroom presentations mixed with confined pool sessions and open water boat trips to keep us on our toes; the occasional pizza lunch too, was a nice touch. Although I had to consume more than my average share of coffee over those two weeks, the course was structured well to avoid any tedious stretches of classroom work and incorporating water work every other day was a nice was to keep our spirits up.

All in all, Gili Air is a beautiful island and Oceans 5 is ideally located with everything you need nearby making my walk to and from the shop every day only minutes long. Thanks to this, I could run back and forth during our breaks and after a long day it was nice being so close to home. We got a great education and the lighthearted approach to teaching was also great in keeping our stress levels down while going over everything we needed to know for the Instructor Examination. Needless to say, we all passed with flying colors and I made memories here I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Thanks guys!

Dive Instructor Matt Wachno, PADI IDC Gili Air May 2015, Gili Air Indonesia



Lewis Handley IDC Gilis candidate at Oceans 5 Dive Resort on Gili Air Indonesia


My name is Lewis Handley and I took the IDC in August 2013,

during which I learned the importance of time management; through less than two weeks of training and then two days of the examinations. Sander Buis was the PADI Course Director who trained myself and another candidate during the IDC.
The IDC was both a challenging and invigorating experience. Personally I feel that taking the
Instructor course at Oceans 5 Dive Resort was a very good choice because it allowed me to practice and improve around other instructors and friends who were very supportive and helpful. The organised structure of the course combined with the calm and friendly atmosphere of the dive resort enabled me to pass the course and apply my skills to real-world scenarios during both teaching and guiding around the Gili islands.
I found that compared to the Divemaster course, the IDC was a lot faster paced but was still well worth the time and effort. Not only did I learn about the importance of teaching but also how everyone learns in a different way, therefore it is absolutely necessary to be as patient and thorough as possible.
In conclusion, the Instructor Development Course at Oceans 5 was an experience I highly
recommend for anyone unsure about progressing through to becoming a dive instructor. Oceans 5 offers a skilled team of professionals that have guided me to becoming a profession in this field and I look forward to continuing this rewarding experience.

Lewis Handley, UK, August 2013, Gili Air, Indonesia



PADI IDC Gili Islands May 2014 at PADI IDC Center Oceans 5 in Indonesia



He may not be the best-looking dive instructor

or IDC course director you’ve ever seen. Nor is he keen on a BIG night out slamming Vodka Josh and waking up naked next to a mermaid but hey; that’s not what will get you through the IE now is it?

Camille’s approach to twelve days hard work and preparation for the IE is exactly that, twelve days of hard work and preparation! The first thing he’ll tell you is “it’s easy, IE stands for it’s easy! Now I know what you’re thinking cause I was just like you; this clown obviously doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with? I haven’t had a clue how I even became a dive-master and now this dude is going to prepare me to become an instructor? Help!

But let me enlighten you with some positive feedback. When our group of nine students went into the IE we were more than ready! In fact, I doubt many of us even studied before the exams.

Camille understands the art of teaching. He makes time for every individual and focuses on each of their problems until they understand. He’s not worried whether you got the answer right, he wants to make sure you know how you got the answer right in the first place!

His professional approach and organized manner is why he has become so popular as an IDC course director. Many of us were referred to Camille and I’m sure all of us will refer him on to others. So if you’re interested in becoming a Padi Dive Instructor, be sure to do your IDC with Mr. Lemmens. He’s actually a funny guy too! And about the mermaids; you’ll never know until you’ve been to Gili Air!

Martin van Doorn, Netherlands, May 2014, Gili Air, Indonesia

Testimonial of IDC Gili Islands May 2014


First time I heard

about Camille was when I was doing my DM and there was an IDC conducted by him, taking place at the same resort (Oceans5 – Gili Air).

All the soon-to-be instructors were speaking highly about him saying how relaxed, fun and at the same time professional their IDC was. I wasn’t even considering doing IDC at that time but I knew if one day I decide to do it I will probably contact Camille.

After a few months I felt like I was ready to do it. I was already working as a DM in Thailand so I started asking around where I should go for my IDC. I was surprised when I heard Camille’s name a few times. I decided to get in touch with shortlisted Course Directors and Camille was the first one to respond. His emails were not like these forwarded offers sent to all the candidates and I didn’t feel like his only objective was to sell me his IDC. That was when I decided I would go back to Gili Air and do it with him.

All I can say now is that everything I was told about the way he works was 100% true. We were all astounded by his dive knowledge and real life stories during his presentations. We also had a good time everyday after the whole formal part of the IDC, going out for a dinner or a beer. He was always there, ready to answer all our questions.

With every day I was gaining more and more self-confidence as a forthcoming instructor and when finally the IE day came I realized I wasn’t even nervous – I knew I was ready for it. Maybe this is how the IDC works everywhere, I didn’t have a chance to compare but I know that if I had to do it again I would certainly choose Camille as my Course Director.

Mariusz Paziak, Poland, May 2014, Gili Air, Indonesia


I did my IDC Gili islands at Ocean 5 on Gili Air

with Camille Lemmens in May 2014. My friends told me to do IDC only with Camille. And so I did. Do I regret? 200% no.

In our group, there were 9 candidates (Salome, Emilie, Evan, Jurgen, Oya, Ezra, Mariusz, Martin and me). Level of the group was high but the main thing was – we supported each other as much as possible, helped when some moment everyhing seemed black. And the most important was – we trusted each other and our course director Camille. The dedication and care he have …

Now I understand why my friends insisted me to do the course with him. We grew together in these 2 weeks. It means, that it was more than just an IDC . It was very important moment and life event for many of us and without all of these people it wouldn’t be the same.

Yes, yes, I know, maybe it seems too sweet what I am going to say now, but that is how I feel and how he made me feel : Camille Lemmens is like a ” godfather” . Thank you Camille for being Camille

Mari-Liis Sarapuu, Estonia, May 2014, Gili Air, Indonesia


PADI IDC Gili Islands February 2014 with PADI CDC center Oceans 5 in Gili Air


I completed the PADI Instructor Development Course

with Camille Lemmens at Oceans 5 at Gili Air in Feb/March 2014.
At 53, I admit to having concerns that as a “mature age student” I would not enjoy the course, or worse not succeed. I am pleased to say that my fears were unfounded and it was definitely worth taking the plunge and doing the course!

I would like to commend Camille and his team for delivering a high quality course that I am glad to say I successfully completed. Camille ran an effective and professional IDC that I found both challenging and rewarding.

I was particularly pleased that standards set by Camille were high. The IDC not only prepared me to successfully pass the IE, but also gave me an excellent basis to build a professional instructor career.

Thanks again Camille!

Ian Pittard, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, PADI 334413, March 2014, Gili Air Indonesia


I completed my Padi IDC Indonesia at Oceans 5 Dive Center in Gili Air Indonesia

and the course director was Camille Lemmens. Really intensive work during the IDC and professional preparation for the IE which I passed easy.

I like to enjoy every moment of my life, so if you want to combine professional work with a lot of fun then Camille Lemmens is THE course director you will need. Thank you very much Camille for the great time we had during the IDC. Keep going your great job.”

Antonis Vintos, Greece, OWSI, PADI 324354, March 2014, Gili Air Indonesia


PADI IDC Gili Islands with PADI IDC Center Oceans 5 and Course Director Sander Buis


I just been certified as an OWSI/MSDT

thanks to Camille, on Gilli Air, Oceans 5. We were all from a different background,about 6 of us, and during the IDC, Camille, our Course Director, managed to make it easy and fun, showing patience and dutch humor as well as lots of knowledge. None of us spoke English as their native language, but we manage to understand and passed the IE with confidence (The 6 of us did) counting the fact that we’re coming from very different horizons. IE can seem impressive and stressful, but He taught us with interactivity on a comfortable way, made us feeling involved understanding the PADI teaching system. I’m very grateful I’ve learned with Camille, and couldn’t expect better from a Course Director that allowed us to believe in ourselves, to begin on a solid base, starting our PADI instructor career with confidence.

Franck Chevrolat, France, OWSI, October 2013, Gili Air, Indonesia


I wish to express my gratitude

to Camille Lemmens, PADI Course Director.
I recently took my IDC with Camille in preparation for my IE. I want to let you now that the course was tough, hard work, but also interesting, informative, widened my diving knowledge but above all fun. Camille is a very good teacher and was able and capable of answering all questions as well as prepare me and the others for the IE.
I would highly recommend Camille to others.

Professor’ David Traversa, Italy, OWSI, October 2013, Gili Air, Indonesia


“From what we get, we make a living. From what we give, we make a life”.

And with this attitude Camille prepared us (me and 5 boys!) during the IDC in October 2013, on Gili Air at Oceans 5. Excited as I was at day one, more comfortable I was on day 2, looking forward to day 3, learning interesting facts about your passion on day 4, feeling more and more confidence about Physics and stuff on day 5, having fun with my boys in the pool at day 6, having a Bintang with the group on day 7, feeling sad that it all almost comes to an end at day 8… and being supported during the IE at day 9 & 10 by Camille. I feel lucky. I learned a lot and had fun. Most important aspect of all is that I felt comfortable, which increases the ability to learn. An aspect that I will take with me as a Padi dive instructor!

Michelle Gina Heeringa, the Netherlands, OWSI, October 2013, Gili Air, Indonesia.


PADI IDC Gili Islands 2013 with PADI CDC Center Oceans 5 Gili Air Indonesia


Due to odd circumstances,

I had the privilege to attend not one, but two IDC‘s with Camille. Needless to say they were both amazing learning experiences. Camille’s attention to detail and strict but flexible teaching style meant only the best experience and made the IE a breeze.

His ability to teach in numerous languages makes understanding for multi-lingual classes easy and his experience means he can relate any information to you personally so that you have no trouble with the tricky bits.

Needless to say, if i were asked where to do an IDC i would send the person asking straight to Camille.

Thanks for a great time and making a scruffy kid like me a competent instructor, Camille!

John O’Malley, South Africa, OWSI, April 2013, Gili Air Indonesia


The IDC Course at Oceans 5 in April 2013 was so fun

and inspirational all thanks to Camille! Camille was very knowledgeable and it showed in his teaching. His organisation in preparing us for our IE and our future diving career was impeccable.

I would recommend Camille as the course director for anyone looking to become an instructor.

Alycia Garriock, Australia, OWSI, April 2013, Gili Air Indonesia


I really enjoyed my IDC

with Camille. His relaxed attitude and patience made it very easy.

Also his experience and knowledge about diving and the dive- industry will not only make you easily pass the IE but prepare you for your further career as a PADI- dive instructor.

Great experience and great fun.

Marco van Duren, The Netherlands, OWSI, April 2013, Gili Air, Indonesia


My name is David from Belgium and I completed my IE

on the 2nd of November in Indonesia.
My IDC instructor was Camille Lemmens, friends of mine recommended doing the course with Camille. After about 30sec of hesitation I decided to do this course in Gili Air. Camille does come from The Netherlands and I am from Belgium, hence my hesitation.

When I arrived at the Oceans 5 dive resort my first impression was an unbelievably well run dive resort with first class equipment, great diving facilities (love the pool), beautiful rooms. I must admit I was a bit stressed and uncertain about my abilities as a diver in starting this IDC adventure. But all the staff is very professional and did everything to comfort me.

When I met Camille I felt I met a guy who lives, eats and breathes diving. To work with such an experienced professional is a blessing. It was hard work, stress and studying. But Camille did such a great job by being patient and alternating his lessons in a way we never felt bored. After the course I felt I was ready to do what I love to do, teach diving and see those beautiful smiles when people come out of the water after their first dive.

I would like to emphasize the great teaching methodology and personality of Camille and would highly recommend everybody doing a course with Camille at Oceans 5.
Of the bottom of my heart : Thanks Camille and the Oceans 5 crew!

Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor #283701


Hi, We are Cindy & Max from France

We arrived in Gili Air as Advanced in May 2012 & we leaved the island in September as a PADI Instructor!

We grown up in the PADI family so quickly, it’s amazing!!!!

We were very lucky to had IDC & IE in Gili Air, which is a very nice but small island

We really enjoyed our IDC by Camille

We are not native English speaker, so we were a bit nervous and worried about that. The Question was, can we do it in English? But it was Ok, because Camille took time to repeat, speak slowly, explain : “tu as compris maintenant?”

The IDC was an intense 10 days: stress for our classroom presentation in English, homework after a long day, but every day we had a big fun, laught

The IE was like Camille said “It’s Easy”

Thank you again Camille

Thank you Sander & Simone of Oceans 5, Dive resort Gili Air

Cindy Balard & Maxime François, France, OWSI, August 2012, Gili Air, Indonesia


My name is Paden, and I just finished my IDC/IE

with Camille Lemmens through Oceans 5 on Gili Air, Indonesia.

Just a few months ago I was a divemaster living in a place where you can’t really dive and you are hard pressed to find anybody who knows much about diving. This would just not due so I started researching different places in the world, and dive centers in those places. I was lucky enough to find Oceans 5 website. I became friends with them on Facebook, and really liked what I saw. So I decided to send them an email asking about their IDC. They replied promptly with great things to say about the island and the diving. After some thought I decided to make the 40 hour journey to the other side of the world to become a dive instructor and I have not regretted it for one minute since.

When I finally got to the island all the people at the dive center were very welcoming and helped me get comfortable on the island. After a little while I realized that the dive center was like a big family. A big family that loves to adopt new kids, for five months or five days they don’t care. I had been diving with Oceans 5 for about four months before I started my IDC. In those four months I learned a lot about diving. I felt I had grown a lot as a diver. Then Camille arrived to start the IDC, and in those 8-10 days Camille taught me more than I learned in those four months.

The IDC was an intensive session of learning. Although, the way Camille organized it the course was a fun learning environment. There were only four of us in the IDC and we all had a lot of fun. Camille had all of us more than prepared to pass our IE. We were lucky enough that the PADI examiner came to Gili Air for such a small group. Camille stuck around during the IE to give the candidates moral support. He even stuck around for the after party. It was a night to remember.

My experience on Gili Air has been greater than any dream I could have. I have been very lucky to find such an amazing place full of amazing people. I would like to thank Sander, Simone, and everyone involved with Oceans 5 from staff to customers. You all have made for a great time and I can’t wait to come back to this small island paradise. A big thanks to Camille for helping make my dream a reality, I can’t thank you enough for everything. And to everyone reading this if you have ever thought about becoming a dive professional I highly recommend it, and Gili Air is an amazing place to make that happen. To all the non-divers out there get out there and learn to dive! I never thought I would enjoy diving, actually the thought terrified me, and now you see where I am.

Paden Wilson, USA, OWSI, November 2012, Gili Air, Indonesia


Wow! I did my IDC

with Camille at Oceans 5, Gili Air, Indonesia in August 2012 and I have not looked back.

After completing the new Divemaster course in August 2011 I wanted a new challenge, I found it. The few weeks leading up to the IDC/IE were daunting and I found myself worrying about the RDP exam along with the open water presentations. However, once I met Camille and he explained the IDC and the IE to me, my stress levels dropped and I was able to take onboard all the information he gave me with ease. He really held my hand and walked me all the way through the IDC and the IE.

It was a very busy and tiring 10 days without much rest bite. Nonetheless it was so worth it. The man has a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped by an inquisitive mind willing to learn.

I can’t stress how easy Camille made it for me and everyone else. No question was left unanswered. He was very organized and in turn so were we. The only thing left for us to do was the homework.

I also did the Nitrox, DUP and Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty courses. I only wish we had the time to do more. Camille’s course is well priced along with the specialty courses.

I would recommend Camille’s IDC to everyone!

Matt Constantine, Wales, OWSI, August 2012, Gili Air, Indonesia


So many things have changed and are changing for me

since I did my IDC & IE. If you had of told me this before hand during my IDC, I would have never believed you. They are all good a lot more than I could have thought possible, as they say no pain no gain ….;-)))))))))).

Thank you again Camille and Sander of Oceans 5 dive resort Gili Air

Wayne Jennings, Australia, OWSI, August 2011, Gili Air, Indonesia


Hi, my name is Pablo and I am completely addicted to diving.

Like me you may be thinking of becoming a dive instructor enabling you to fund your own addiction by passing this addiction onto others. Well if your thinking about completing your IDC in Asia, then make the right choice and have Camille as your Course Director.

Why Camille? Well if you have already read the other testimonials on his website then you can quickly put together the repeating pattern of his qualities. Like others before me I found Camille’s instruction as world class. He is knowledgeable, patient and professional. He puts students at ease and caters to individual students learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.

What I found most important was that he is extremely approachable and generally a very likeable person. This came as a complete relief for me as through my extensive travels I have met a number of course directors who perhaps through engorged egos, are simply just lacking the approachability that Camille displays with such ease. After finishing the IDC with Camille at Oceans 5, Indonesia, I was not able to complete my Instructor Exam (IE) straight away due to previous engagements. I had to complete the IE two months later in Sydney. At first I was worried that after two months I would forget the preparation that Camille had taught me. Alas I need not of worried. In the lead up to my IE in Sydney Camille made himself available to me via skype and supported me with doubts I had. Even though he was almost 7000 km away I could still feel his support via the internet. I completed my IE hassle free, scoring almost full marks and realised that Camille’s scoring throughout the IDC was in fact much harder then the examiners, therefore preparing me at a much higher standard. This made for a stress free exam.

However what i found most appealing about Camille is that he still has that infectious passion for diving. I was always hesitant about spending all this money on an IDC as unlike other PADI courses it doesn’t require that much actual Open water diving. Most of the classes are in the pool or classroom and with the first class diving facilities and dive sites offered by Oceans 5 on our doorstep my addiction was gnawing at me. Luckily I soon realised that Camille is a fellow addict. Even with our busy schedule Camille made time to allow me to go diving everyday and he would relish the chance of joining me in the water. I will never forget our dive with turtles, sharks and octopus where he taught me some very unusual hand signals. Or the dives with incredible numbers of Ornate ghost pipefish just posing for our cameras. He is also a fellow gin lover, has great taste in music and is generally an interesting guy and I am sure theres more to him then I ever had the time to find out. Thanks Camille for feeding my addiction, being an incredibly good teacher, a wicked dive buddy and a friend. I look forward to the chance of diving with you again.