PADI Dive Instructor Training Course on the Gilis

PADI IDC Gili Islands in Indonesia offers Scuba Diving Instructor Training during a PADI dive Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC) of 12 days. PADI Course Directors, Joeri van Hal, Giny Pinto and Sander Buis, don't just teach you how to pass the PADI Instructor Development Course; they wants you to become a capable and confident instructor!

If English isn't your native speaking language; don't worry! The course directors are covering the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German. Oceans 5 Gili Air has even Japanese, Chinese and Turkish speaking PADI IDC staff instructor on side.

PADI Instructor Development Course Gili Islands (PADI IDC)

PADI IDC Gili in Indonesia

Ever thought of living on tropical locations, of spending most of your time in the ocean and of meeting plenty of interesting people? So, you have probably thought of becoming a PADI Divemaster or a PADI Dive Instructor!
PADI 5 star Instructor Development (IDC) Dive Resort Oceans 5 on the beautiful tropical island of Gili Air in Indonesia offers fantastic dive instructor course packages to get you diving like a pro in no time! The PADI Career Development Center rating is the highest rating for a Dive Resort. We are proud of it!
PADI IDC Gili Islands has an 100% passing rate with their PADI IDCs at IDC Dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia


Professinal Instructor Courses

Our professional dive courses are your perfect opportunity to change your life. Follow your dreams and become a professional PADI Divemaster or even a PADI Dive Instructor.
The Instructor Development Course or IDC and the Divemaster training are conducted by PADI Course Directors Sander Buis, Joeri van Hal and Giny Pinto and our team of ecperienced IDC staff Instructors on the Gili Islands. We offer in 2017 twelve PADI Dive Instructor Courses. Have a look at our  Instructor Course Schedule for 2017!


PADI IDC Gili Islands facilities

Our world class facilities make sure you will get the best out of your PADI IDC Gili Air. With a dedicated IDC classroom with air conditioning, TV, wi-fi and free flow of coffee, tea and water, with two huge swimming pool, specially designed for scuba diving and with plenty of relaxation areas, you are sure of a high quality course with the best facilities on the Gili Islands.


Preparation days:

If you finished your divemaster course a while ago. And you fotgot all the dive theory, or you like to be perfect prepared for your PADI Instructor Course. We highly recommend you to follow a 5 days preparation course, just before the IDC starts. Here we brush your skills till dive instructor level. So you can relax and enjoy more during the unique PADI IDC experience.

Gili Islands PADI IDC runs every month a PADI IDC with Course Director Sander Buis at dive resort Oceans 5 in Indonesia


Master Scuba Diver Trainer or Staff Instructor

If you are already a PADI Dive Instructor but you like to develop your diving skills and knowledge more, we can help you. We offer every month Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Staff Instructor Courses.  These are perfect courses to give your dive career a boost. If you like to become more employable in the dive instrustry it is almost a "must" to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer or IDC Staff Instructor. And it is also a step closer to the ultimate goal of becoming a PADI Course Director, Like Giny, Joeri, Alina and Sander at Gili Air.


Gili Air in Indonesia

Just 2 hours by fast boat ride from Bali you will find the Gili Islands. The Gilis have a wide marine diversity. Gili Air is just next  to Gili Trawangan, the most populair island of the 3 Gili Islands. Gili Air is more a relaxing island. No distractions during the instructor course like loud music. But still enough bars and restaurants to entertain yourself. Perfect for living if you are a dive instructor or to when you like to become dive instructor!
Turtles, reef sharks, frog fish, moray eels, mandarin fish, seahorses and rays, all within a 10 to 20 minute boat journey. Gili Air is a true paradise with easy, stunning dive sites only a short boat ride away, with plenty of bars and restaurant, but yet very laid back and traditional.



PADI IDC Course Directors at PADI IDC Gili Air

Elite Platinum PADI Course Director Joeri van Hal

Course Director Joeri Van Hal is a passionate diver since 2010. After getting certified as an Open Water Diver on Gili Trawangan he got hooked and decided to make a career out of his new found hobby. He completed his dive education from Advanced Open Water all the way up to dive instructor with Oceans 5. Five years and 2000 dives later he started living his ultimate dream; working as a PADI Course Director and Specialty Instructor Trainer at Your-IDC.
PADI IDC Gili Eilanden met PADI Course Director Joeri op de Gilis in Indonesie
After a short break from the Gili Islands, while he was gaining some teaching experience in Thailand and diving the great barrier reef in Australia, he realised that he missed his little island he called home and came back to Gili Air. Joeri loves 'muck diving'. The search for all those little critters is what drives a lot of dive professionals around these parts. Combine this with some of the most spectacular divesites in the world, where you can find a huge variety of coral and the occasional pelagics swimming past, and you have a good image of Joeri's office.
Besides recreational diving and teaching, Joeri made his first steps in Technical Diving, a path he wants to explore more in his time in between PADI IDC Gili. It enhances the knowledge of dive theory and gives an even better understanding about  dive planning and risk management.
As a Padi Course Director, Joeri is a patient and calm person, who strongly believes that control over students is very important. Thats why during Instructor Courses (IDC Gili) he organizes a lot of workshops where he shows his candidates different ways of keeping student divers safe, while having fun in the meanwhile!

Professonal dive training with Elite Silver PADI Course Director Giny Pinto 

Giny Pinto fell in love with the Toggian Islands underwater world in the late 90s during one of her solo traveling trips in Indonesia and through the years she had fallen in love with many other underwater wonders.  She learnt to perfect her skills as a recreational diver and started her career as a Divemaster in Koh Tao, Thailand. 

PADI Course Director Giny at Your IDC

After a year of guiding and many Scuba Reviews, the seed of teaching had grown and she was ready to enroll in the Instructor Development Course (IDC) lead by Mark Soworka in 2002.  This truly changed her life as she started her extensive teaching career which took her into a journey of discoveries: Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia.

She has been working in highly professional dive schools in the Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia for the most part of the last 10 years.   

She met her to be mentor Sander Buis in 2005, who after a few years of collaboration with Oceans 5 Dive, Gili Air guided her through the Course Director program and helped her to reach her goals in March 2016 in teaching and training professionals in possibly the best industry in the world! She has been part of the creation of and offers instructor training (PADI IDC) in English, French and Spanish.

Scuba diving with Sander Buis in Gili Air

Padi Course Director Sander Buis started diving in 2003. Having over 3500 dives, he is still loving it. Sander loves all kinds of diving, the shallow water dives with the most beautiful colors, the muck diving with all the little creatures and of course sidemount diving, the perfect harmony between diving and buoyancy.

PADI Course Ditrector Sander Buis at PADI IDC Center Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia

After becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor and gaining experience at different places all over the world Indonesia, Netherlands Antilles, Mexico, Egypte, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia, Sander decided to climb the Padi ladder.

Next to his Padi Course Director rating, he is also a PADI Specialty Instructor Trainer in more than 15 PADI specialties, Reef Check Trainer and the only DDI (Disabled Divers International) Instructor Trainer in Indonesia.
Sander is the owner of Oceans 5 Dive Resort, a PADI 5 star IDC and Career Development Center. It was his dream to start a dive center that has a totally different approach to diving compared to other dive centers on and around the Gili Islands. In 5 years Sander and his Oceans 5 became one of the leading dive centers on the Gili Islands.

Sander doesn’t teach you just to pass the PADI IDC Gili Islands, he wants you to become a capable and confident instructor. That’s why, during the 12 day Instructor Course (PADI IDC Gili), Sander organizes plenty of workshops simulating real life teaching scenarios (control over students, ascents and descents, knots, CESA, Rescue and more.).
One of the most important elements of a PADI IDC Gili at Oceans 5 is fun. Known for his enthusiasm and dry skill circuits, Sander brings the fun!